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snakeman show.

**Company Executive: ** How do you do, gentlemen!
**Mr. Ohira: ** Oh, how do you do?
Company Executive: Nice to see you. Welcome to the company, would you like to sit down over there, please?
Mr. Ohira: Oh, thank you!
Company Executive: Would you like to have some coffee?
Mr. Ohira: Oh, yes please.
Company Executive: Coffee with sugar or cream?
Mr. Ohira: Oh … just black coffee, please.
Company Executive: Okay! Gentlemen, how about a cigarette?
Mr. Ohira: I stopped smoking, thank you.
Company Executive: Oh, that’s good for your health! Okay, let’s get down to business. You know, to buy our product, you have to have money.
Mr. Ohira: Oh! I’m … rich man!
[they laugh]
Company Executive: But, uh, strictly, you know, business is business … and, uh, you have to pay money, you better be sure.
Mr. Ohira: Ah, don’t worry. I’m a … rich man!
[they laugh]
Company Executive: Okay, thank you. Nice to hear that. Now let’s get down to business … and, uh… [sounds of paper wrinkling] …here’s the contract - for the paper … You have to sign your name- your name. Gentleman, what is your name, please?
Mr. Ohira: [nervous laughter] Umm, my name is Oooo … oo … oo … oo … oooh - hira…
Company Executive: Uh, okay. Mr. Ohira, Mr. Ohira! Thank you very much! Now, this here, you have to sign your company’s name.
Mr. Ohira: Oh…
Company Executive: You have to sign your company-
Mr. Ohira: Uh…
Company Executive: What - what is your company?
Mr. Ohira: My company is very famous! [He laughs] Kcchhh … K-…K-…K-… K … D …D!
[Awkward silence, then they laugh nervously]
Company Executive: Uh, I beg your pardon, I couldn’t you hear you too well. One more time, please?
Mr. Ohira: Um-
Company Executive: What is your company?
Mr. Ohira: Oh! [nervous laugh] My company is very famous! [nervous yet boisterous laughter] Kcchhh- … K … D-D-D… D…!